Students did post to this blog site while we conducted our field study. We invite your comments and thoughts.

Our field deployment focused on three chief tasks; 1. Mapping the reef floor in 3D, 2. Shoreline Marine Debris investigation, and 3. Environmental characteristics sampling. All went exceedingly well.

This was the second trip in our long term plans. Our first trip and proof of concept was completed with great success in the Fall of 2009; our next proposed trip will be Fall 2010. Don't you want to join us?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Good times in Belize

Today was the last day and it was awesome! We went to the aquarium (highly populated coral and fish area about a quarter mile from shore) and it was more spectacular than anything I expected to see here!  First off, I saw another shark...I promise I'm not trying to find them!  This one was smaller at least and didn't bother us.  Saw lots of beautiful fish and coral and dived down as far as my ears could stand it.  I found a really pretty shell on the way back but it turned out to have an inhabitant so I'm just going home with a photo :(
When we got out of the water, one of the local guys here found a sleeping baby nurse shark near the shore.  He grabbed it with his bare hands and let us touch it! He was about a foot long and had two long fangs and made an odd squeeking sound when we touched him.  Then he was tossed back into the water.  It was so cool! The guy said he had never tried to grab one before.  Upon arriving back at camp we all realized how sunburn we were! I knew I wouldn't get out of here without one. 
We're about to have one last small bonfire and that's it! I'm excited to get back home but thoroughly enjoyed my time here and would do it again without thinking twice.
See you soon!


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  1. you might not ever get mentioned on the news or a documentary but i am so proud of all of you for your efforts. you are all a part of the many unsung heros of this decade and i hope you all continue in your efforts to make this a better planet to live on....best wishes to all...love danielle's mom