Students did post to this blog site while we conducted our field study. We invite your comments and thoughts.

Our field deployment focused on three chief tasks; 1. Mapping the reef floor in 3D, 2. Shoreline Marine Debris investigation, and 3. Environmental characteristics sampling. All went exceedingly well.

This was the second trip in our long term plans. Our first trip and proof of concept was completed with great success in the Fall of 2009; our next proposed trip will be Fall 2010. Don't you want to join us?

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Its our last day on the island. Today was our free day so a bunch of us swam out to the aquarium. The same person who spotted our last shark spotted one today, and just like last time I didn't get to see it. The aquarium was awesome. there were several different species of fish out there and it was just beautiful. When we got back to the island one of the locals spotted a two foot Nurse Shark that he pulled out of the water with his bare hands so that we could all pet it. It was a very fun day and now we are getting ready for another bonfire.

From Long Caye,
Martin Flores

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